Employee Benefits Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Many small and medium-sized business owners are overwhelmed with the day to day operations of their business and have very little free time to handle non-revenue generating items.  They often have one or two in-house employees that help with Human Resources and Bookkeeping and although these administrative employees do the best they can, there is usually no way for them to keep up with changing regulations or advise on employment law issues.   Because we have advised business owners for the last 23 years, our services are designed to help enhance our client’s businesses, while coaching their administrative staff on the things they don’t know they need to be doing too. One of the biggest ways we can help your business is with the following three services:

Provide a Concierge Employee Experience

Why is this important? Employers are always trying to find a way to offer their employee low or no cost benefits.  Our Employee Concierge Service model lets the employee know that they are valued and provides a valued employee benefits experience. We can conduct Open Enrollment and New Hire benefits meetings. With this we explain how to navigate the complicated world of health insurance to your employees, allowing them to better utilize their plan, keeping them satisfied and helping to keep them healthy. This is important because when employees are well educated on their employee benefits they are more likely to value their benefits and their employer.

Relieve the Administrative Burden Associated with Offering Benefits

Many administrative functions take valuable time away from your employees, and too often they don’t know how to best navigate the complicated world of insurance.  By taking care of most of the administrative functions we use our expertise to save you and your employees time and money and ensure that they are done right the first time.

Create Processes to Control Liability Associated with Having Employees and Employee Benefits

Department of Labor, IRS, and ERISA can and do levee huge fines against the business for not complying with ACA and ERISA regulations.  Also, lawsuits from a former employer can be very costly to fight and if the employer can’t produce proof of compliance could lose the suit and must pay additional money to former employees. Below are a few of the ways we help our client stay compliant:

  1. Create and update all additional compliance notices
  2. Tracking annual employee/employer health insurance contributions for W-2 reporting
  3. COBRA/Mini-COBRA assistance
  4. Employee Handbook

As an independent insurance agency contracted with multiple insurances we are able to simplify the insurance buying process. Our ability to offer most lines of insurance provides our clients with one contact to help with any insurance or service needs.   If you have any questions about any of the insurance services or employee benefits that we offer and or wish to schedule an appointment, send us an email or give us a call at (480) 526-9124.