Our role as insurance brokers for your company and your employees is to make sure that the employee benefits that you offer are as easy for you to manage and your employees to utilize as possible.

We are here for you, whether it be a question about your invoice, or your employees have a question about the benefits that they are enrolled in.

The most common things that employers and employees reach out to us are things like getting a copy of their employee’s ID cards or invoices. We are more than happy to assist in these types of occurrences, however, sometimes we are called by the employee or employer when the member/employee is at the doctor’s office and needs their ID card at the exact moment. These calls can end up being frantic and as hard as we can try as brokers to get these requests facilitated as soon as possible with the carriers they may sometimes end up in the member needing to reschedule their appointment. This creates a negative experience for the employee and employer.

Another call we get frequently is from office managers or controllers asking us to get them copies of their invoices due to audits or for various other reasons. We are happy to facilitate this request but once you are setup on your employer portal you can login and print out an invoice within seconds rather than waiting to hear back from us. Usually, we can facilitate these requests quickly but depending on the time of year and the workload for the carriers and us it could take us 24-48 hours to hear back from the carriers.

Please see many of the additional benefits of registering for the carrier’s employer portal.

· Download Invoices

· Make Payments* (Check with your carrier on this as not all are setup for online payment)

· In Network Provider Searches for employees

· Print Out Temporary ID cards

· Request New ID Cards to be Mailed

· Review Current Benefits in Place

· Contact Email and Phone Numbers for Carriers

· Add Employees onto the benefits through the portal (Please work with us on these situations so that we can make sure that all employees are added correctly)

· Address Changes (Please work with us on this as we want to make sure that all systems reflect the employee’s proper address)

If you have questions on how to set up your employer portal for the carriers that you work with, please feel free to reach out to us for more details.