Choosing Individual Health Insurance in Arizona

When it comes to purchasing health insurance as an individual we know it can be not only confusing but challenging as well. With so many changes over the years, Hershenberg & Stone-Walsh Insurance Services wants to make the entire process streamlined and easier for you. That is why we have assisted individuals with their insurance needs for over 20 years and represent a variety of insurance carriers to ensure that we are able to find the best coverage and pricing for you. Insurance types are so different from one another it would be very difficult for a single person to stay informed on all types of plans and coverage option. At Hershenberg Stone-Walsh Insurance Service we understand the complexities and have experts that specialize in each type of insurance.  Our process is to listen to you and ask the right questions so that we can find the right insurance carrier, plan and cost to fit your needs.

At Hershenberg Stone-Walsh Insurance we are the leading experts in Individual Health Insurance in Arizona and have been helping our local community for over 20 years. We are FFM (Federally-Facilitated Marketplace) Certified since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, garnering the Circle of Champions recognition issued by the Marketplace and continue to stay up-to-date on all regulatory and carrier changes. As an individual, your health insurance options are to either enroll in an Affordable Care Act qualified plan (AKA Marketplace plans) or with a Short-Term Medical plan. It can be very complicated to figure out which is the best options for you.  We believe our role is to educate you on the plans, provider networks, and coverage options to make the decision process easier for you.

Affordable Care Act

These plans are available during the annual open enrollment period (November 1st thru December 15th) or throughout the year with a Qualifying Life Event (Special Election Period).

Advantages of an A.C.A. Plan:

  • Guaranteed Coverage (no medical questions asked)
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered
  • Potential premium savings based on household income
  • Prescription coverage

Disadvantages of an A.C.A. Plan:

  • HMO networks (no out of network coverage)
  • Premiums could be high based on household income
  • Limited annual enrollment period (must apply between Nov. 1st– Dec. 15th or have a qualifying life event)
  • There are 4 basic types of qualifying life events: loss of health coverage, household changes, residence changes, and other qualifying events, like income changes that may affect your coverage options.

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Short Term Plans

If you are outside of annual open enrollment and are not experiencing a qualifying event, you may want to consider a Short-Term Medical plan to ensure you have coverage against a catastrophic health event.

Advantages of a Short-Term Medical Plan:

  • Lower Premium
  • Enroll any time of the year
  • PPO provider network

Disadvantages of an A.C.A. Plan:

  • Answers to medical questions are used to determine your qualification to enroll
  • No Prescription coverage
  • No pre-existing conditions are covered
  • Policy lengths are for a maximum of 6 months

To learn more about the Short Term Plans, CLICK HERE!

Again, we know there are many choices when it comes to individual health insurance and we know that our years of experience and knowledge of the industry comes into to play. Our goal is to support you from start to finish and make it easier for you to make a wise choice and enroll in the plan that is best for you. If you should have any questions about insurance or how we can help you, please contact us today!